The oil is obtained from the seeds of the camelina plant, an oil plant with valuable properties.

Oil composition: α-Linolenic (omega-3) 35 - 39% Linoleic (omega-6) 14 - 22% Oleic (omega-9) 12 - 20%. In addition, the oil contains: antioxidants, chlorophyll, phospholipids, minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, F, K, D, E, amino acids.

The oil controls cholesterol levels. Sterols, which are found in abundance in redfish oil, block the absorption of cholesterol. One of the experiments consisted of people with elevated total cholesterol levels who consumed the red liver oil every day. And in another control group, participants were given olive oil. As a result, all participants in the first group had a decrease in blood cholesterol.

The oil eases the course of arthritis. External rubbing of ginger oil for arthritis can alleviate the symptoms of inflammation to a great extent. Oral intake of the oil provides an intake of omega acids that inhibit inflammatory foci. Objectively, arthritis patients note a decrease in pain syndrome, reduction of swelling in the joints.

  • In 1 tablespoon - the daily norm of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, helps regenerate skin and moisturize it, protects cells from oxidation, and the body - from premature aging, beneficial effect on the reproductive system.
  • Vitamins A, E, F restore gastric mucosa. Oil is effective for the prevention and treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis, colitis.
  • Vitamin D prevents the development of osteoporosis, carries out the processes of mineralization of bone tissue, is involved in the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium.
  • Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting, improves the absorption of vitamin D and calcium.
  • Omega-3-6-9 ensures the normal operation of the cardiovascular system, helps prevent angina, hypertension, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • Chlorophyll increases hemoglobin and white blood cells in the blood, useful in anemia, prevents the absorption of carcinogens in the blood through the GI tract and neutralizes the harmful effects on the body.
  • Magnesium supports the nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems. It transports potassium and calcium into the cells of the body, prevents the development of sleep disorders, depression, diabetes, hypertension, seizures.
  • The combination of magnesium and chlorophyll prevents the formation of stones in the organs of the urinary system.
  • Phospholipids restore liver cells, prevent the development of cirrhosis and fatty liver degeneration.
  • Phytosterols have bactericidal, antitumor, antisclerotic effect

Indications for use: atherosclerosis, varicosis, thrombophlebitis, ischemia, angina pectoris, hypertension, anemia, gastritis, colitis, seborrhea, psoriasis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, osteoporosis, cirrhosis, fatty liver dystrophy.

Volume: 250 ml
Packaging: dark glass bottle. The glass is neutral towards the oil, does not react with it, does not emit toxic substances and does not transmit UV rays, which are destructive for it.

Net weight: 230 g

Nutritional value in 100 g of the product: 3760 kJ/898 kCal, proteins - 0 g, fats - 99.9 g, carbohydrates - 0 g

for medicinal and preventive purposes: 1 tablespoon a day (preferably on an empty stomach) for 2-3 months.
in cooking: for vinaigrette dressing, salads and vegetables, to flavor side dishes and sauces.
in cosmetology and dermatology: for skin care of face, lips, neck and body, for massage, for lubrication of diaper rash in children, as a base oil for aromatherapy, for treatment of split ends of hair.

Important! Use oil only in raw form. It is strictly forbidden to fry on it. Heating the oil above the smoking point leads to the formation of toxic substances. Do not subject the oil to heat treatment and do not heat.

Contraindications to use: individual intolerance to the components.

Storage: In a cool place, tightly closed avoiding direct sunlight best at a temperature of + 5 to + 25 C. Use within 2 months of opening.

Daria Molchanova
I've been following nutrition for a long time, I'm fond of nutritional science and adhere to healthy lifestyle. Each oil is useful in its own way, and I decided to try camelina oil. I chose NVO-3 oil on the advice of friends: reasonable price, convenient bottle, correct dark glass, fast delivery through the post office. I ordered it, paid for it, picked it up 4 days later. The color is bright yellow, the smell is a little like cucumber, the taste is pleasant with a slight bitterness. I always add to a salad of fresh vegetables, it turns out very tasty.
Anna Savelieva
I have recently learned that there is such a useful oil, such as camelina oil. First I read about its vitamin composition and useful properties on this site After that I decided to buy and try it. Honestly, I really liked it. The whole family began to add to salads, but more often I drink it 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. So, it even acts as a kind of medicine - helps to strengthen immunity. Living vitamins, and only that. Beneficial effect on the stomach. I like it.
Asya Shubina
St. Petersburg
I took in a pair to the black cumin oil and camelina oil, as it is also obtained by cold pressing from the herb family cruciferous. A great alternative to sunflower oil, which is already, frankly speaking, tiresome and very harmful, because they use solvent gasoline to increase the percentage of oil output - it is such a blow to health. And here all the tenderness of the meadow and all the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 in one bottle. The bottle is dark glass, so it keeps for a long time and doesn't spoil. Never buy oil in plastic containers, because plastic gives the oil all the carcinogens that lead to cancer and infertility.
We use healing raw materials without pesticides with a high content of amino acids, fats and beneficial trace elements
We press the oils on the day of order and do not store them, avoiding negative changes in product properties and qualities
We use a special tasting protocol to reject oils with an unpleasant taste
We use our own in-house laboratory to determine the key indicators of the product's usefulness
We apply a unique technology of oil pressing without heating that preserves the value of useful components
Our raw material producers do not use slave labor
All our oils have environmentally friendly sterile packaging
We guarantee fast delivery