How to have a healthy baby and prepare yourself for pregnancy?
Every woman who decides to become a mother wants to give birth to a healthy, mentally complete child without any limitations or abnormalities. She wants to know that she has done everything to give her child a healthy set of chromosomes so that he or she will live a joyful and happy life without mental and physical limitations. To achieve it - women should plan their pregnancies well in advance.
Every year approximately 300,000 (3-5% of live births) children are born with congenital anomalies and mutations, and 20% of them have multiple anomalies.

Some children die at an early age or are miscarried, and those who survive thanks to modern medicine, are disabled from childhood. More than half of them have obvious developmental abnormalities that prevent learning, correct speech pronunciation, independent movement and adequate behavior. Such children are doomed to lead an incomplete life forever, all because their mothers did not think it necessary to prepare.

Living in large cities is associated with an environmentally unfavorable background and is accompanied by an increase in complications such as premature birth, fetal growth retardation, stillbirth, low birth weight and genetic abnormalities.

Экология современного города
This is associated with severe oxidative stress, the activity of free radicals that damage sperm and egg cells, a deficiency of essential micro and macronutrients, vitamins, and an unbalanced diet.
Free radicals
Free radicals are molecules that contain unpaired electrons. They take electrons from other molecules or attach to other molecules, which leads to the destruction of biological cell membranes, chromosomal disorders.
Imagine that one of these sick cells becomes pregnant. Her daughter cell is born. But what kind of cell could she have under these conditions? And the cellular changes begin. She looks like her mother, she takes her place in the body, but she does not fulfill her functions completely! And wherever it ends up in the body, that's where the problems start. And the worst thing is that it will start producing weak and poorly functioning cells with mutations and abnormalities.

Now, imagine that you have a gorgeous crop of tomatoes, one better than the other, but one tomato is rotten, and it is lying in this basket of beautiful tomatoes... What will happen to the crop? That's right! The rotten tomato will infect the good tomatoes with rotten bacteria and the whole crop will die!

Oxidative stress is a major blow to sperm сell and female ovum

For genetically healthy offspring, life is always happier and more joyful. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to live a long and joyful life, to have a bright and happy childhood, to be worthy parents
According to early studies by scientists at the European Institutes, sperm counts in men living in North America, Australia and Europe have been steadily declining since 1970 due to oxidative stress. As scientists speculated at the time, this is due to environmental degradation.

Modern research, published in JAMA Network Open 17 февраля 2022 года, confirmed the theories of scientists from Europe and found that men living in polluted conditions have a significant decrease in sperm motility, sperm quality and the ability to transmit a genetically healthy code.

In the conditions of life in a modern city, a correct and reasonable approach to pregnancy begins with a full-fledged preparatory stage. Preparation for pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of abnormalities and increases the chances of giving birth to genetically healthy offspring.

Preparation for pregnancy begins with the introduction of vitamin E (tocopherol) into the couple's diet. Its name literally translates from the ancient Greek as τόκος - "procreation", and φέρειν - "to bring").
Vitamin E for conception: the importance for women
Vitamin E deficiency in the female body can lead to unsuccessful attempts to conceive.
But even if pregnancy occurs, there is an increased risk of termination of pregnancy, which has become a habitual failure of the fetus and early miscarriage.
What are the benefits of vitamin E?

For genetically healthy offspring, life is always happier and more joyful. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to live a long and joyful life, to have a bright and happy childhood, to be worthy parents
◾ Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects maturing eggs from free radical damage. These aggressive compounds can damage the genetic material of the egg, causing it to divide improperly after fertilization or halt fetal development.

Experts estimate that about 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

◾ Vitamin E boosts progesterone levels, which regulates embryo implantation and placental development, keeping pregnancy in the early stages.

◾ Vitamin E improves blood supply and nutrition of the uterus, which creates conditions for active growth of the endometrium. Sufficient endometrial thickness is important for successful embryo implantation.

◾ Vitamin E stimulates the growth and full development of oocytes, preserves their viability after ovulation.

◾ Vitamin E leads to fading of chronic inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages that prevent conception and carrying a healthy baby.

◾ Vitamin E is involved in the processes of cellular respiration. It is especially important immediately after conception for the fragmentation of the fertilized egg and the formation of new embryo cells.

In addition, vitamin E helps to maintain normal blood pressure and prevents blood clots in blood vessels.

Vitamin E for conception: importance for men.

Vitamin E increases the likelihood of conception and increases the possibility of passing healthy paternal genes to the child. Why does this happen?

Vitamin E increases blood circulation in the male reproductive organs, eliminates testicular hypoxia, which has a favorable effect on the maturation of sperm.

For vitamin E to have this effect, spermatozoa must be supplied with it throughout the entire maturation period, which lasts approximately 70-74 days. The antioxidant effect of vitamin E is multiplied when it interacts with selenium, one of the main trace elements of wheat germ oil. Vitamin E is used in the treatment of idiopathic infertility.

Idiopathic infertility is a condition where male fertility rates are normal, but pregnancy does not occur in the partner.

The main cause of idiopathic influence is oxidative stress. Free radicals getting into the testicles, damage the mitochondria and DNA of spermatozoa, destroy their protein shell and tail, which does not allow them to "swim" to the egg and fertilize it.
Increased levels of free radicals provoke causes that men encounter on a daily basis: ionizing radiation, polluted urban air, alcohol, chronic infections, smoking (even passive smoking).

The conclusion is that if a man lives in an environment with an unfavorable climate and is planning a pregnancy, vitamin E intake is essential for his reproductive system and will protect spermatozoa from negative factors and oxidative stress, resulting in the birth of genetically healthier offspring.

How to choose the right vitamin E?
The maximum concentration and the best form of vitamin E is found in foods of plant origin. Wheat germ is especially rich in tocopherol - vitamin E. The source of vitamin E of animal origin is liver, eggs, salmon, veal, but the concentration and bioavailability in them is very low, as well as they contaminate the blood with products of animal decay.
Wheat germ oil is the world leader in vitamin E content (460 mg per 100 g of the product). No other product in the world contains as much vitamin E in such active forms as wheat germ oil does.

Wheat germ oil contains Vitamin E is in 2 active forms:
alpha-tocopherol is most effectively absorbed in its natural form rather than in synthetic form;
gamma-tocopherol neutralizes toxins and protects body cells from nitrogen dioxide free.

In addition, Vitamin E in combination with provitamin A in wheat germ oil creates a synergistic effect - actively preventing lipid peroxidation, which leads to the destruction of cell membranes. This is fraught with the loss of the ability to normally pass oxygen and nutrients into the cell, allowing the penetration of bacteria and toxins, which is especially dangerous during pregnancy.

itamin E is a fat-soluble compound. For its full assimilation one requires fatty foods and the best for this are just vegetable oils.

Since sperm should be provided with vitamin E throughout the maturation period, which lasts about 70-74 days.

One should take wheat germ oil should 3 months before the planned pregnancy at the rate of 2 tablespoons - 2 times a day.

During the planning of pregnancy, tocopherol is necessary in the body for normal functioning of the reproductive system of women and men, as well as for the creation of genetically healthy sperm and eggs.

However, that's not all.

In contrast to the simple intake of vitamin E in synthetic form, wheat germ oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) - Omega-3, Omega-6, monounsaturated fatty acids - Omega-9, all essential amino acids, antioxidants - octacazanol, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene, micro- and macronutrients - potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, sulfur, iodine.
Wheat germs are embryos of the wheat kernel. The substances in their composition are laid down by nature itself to ensure the renewal of life and the growth of life itself.
Research of wheat germ oil of NVO-3 brand can be found in the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science (Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety (FGBUN "FIC Nutrition and Biotechnology")
To get 1 kg of oil it is necessary to process about 100 kg of wheat germ, to get 100 kg of wheat germ it is necessary to process from 300 to 400 tons of grain.
There is no similar product of similar value in nature and its production is steadily decreasing every year due to the complexity of processing.

Wheat germ oil contains essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the body and must be supplied from outside: valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, phenylanine, histidine.

Indispensable amino acids are necessary for the body in the construction of protein. Their deficiency during pregnancy leads to the birth of children with reduced body weight, reduced growth, brain and skull volume. In the future this affects the mental and physical development of children, forever determining the quality of their lives.

In 2018, Australian scientists published a large systematic review involving 19,927 pregnant women. About half of them were at high risk of preterm labor.

According to the findings, women who took omega-3 PUFAs had a significantly reduced risk of preterm labor. The same group was also less likely to have a baby with low birth weight and underweight.

Doctors hypothesize that omega-3 PUFAs may affect calcium channels in cell membranes, thereby reducing excessive uterine muscle contractility.
What else does Omega-3 deficiency in children lead to?

Omega-3 deficiency leads to developmental delays, hyperactivity, vision problems, and frequent colds.

Omega-3 is incorporated into the membranes of cortical cells, increases the activity of membrane-bound enzymes and membrane receptors, affects the electrophysiological properties of membranes, ensures the normal development of sensory, motor, behavioral functions in children.

Nervous system development and cognitive abilities are improved by early supplementation of omega-3 with breast milk or fortified formula. In girls born earlier than 33 weeks, supplemental DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) improved scores on the Bayley Scales of Infant Development, which assesses cognitive function, psychomotor development, motor skills, emotions, language, and behavior.

Children who received mother's milk containing higher levels of omega-3 were less likely to have negative affective states in older adulthood. Omega-3 deficiency contributes to the development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • In 59% of women with latent iron deficiency there is a threat of pregnancy termination and gestosis. In 59% of women with latent iron deficiency there is a threat of pregnancy termination and gestosis.
  • In 38% of women with iron deficiency anemia there are disorders of labor and mammary glands, purulent-inflammatory complications.
  • In 70% of women with iron deficiency there is a delay in growth and development of the fetus, violations of immune constancy in the mother-fetus system and the problem of intellectual fullness of the individual.
Iron deficiency leads to impaired cognitive development of the child.

Pregnant women with iron deficiency are more prone to infectious diseases because iron deficiency negatively affects the immune system.

The antioxidant in wheat germ oil is octacazanol.

Octacosanol, which is part of wheat germ oil, helps prevent the depletion of the body's antioxidant systems during pregnancy. It prevents structural disorganization of red blood cells, protecting both the mother and the baby from damage by free radicals.

The powerful antioxidant complex of octacosanol, vitamins A, and E protects the body from free radicals that can damage the genetic apparatus of the developing fetus and lead to congenital defects.
Each product has its own unique code - a set of information that it transmits to the body.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the consumption of vitamins, minerals, fats, micro- and macronutrients as part of products of plant origin in terms of bioavailability, usefulness, digestibility is not comparable to their consumption separately or as part of synthetic preparation.

If you introduce water with the same calcium content as in breast milk, it will not lead to the same result.

Natural complexes are balanced, they form a synergistic effect, which gives a special result.

Wheat germ oil is created from the embryos of grains invented by nature to create life. The antioxidant is octacazanol in wheat germ oil.

By consuming wheat germ oil when planning a pregnancy, during pregnancy and afterwards, you are laying a strong genetic foundation for your children and greatly increasing your chances of living next to a healthy and happy child and being filled with happiness, joy and pride in your child rather than anxiety, guilt and uncertainty.
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